What is caricature art all about?


Art for art’s sake. That is what this little note is all about. It might just turn out to be a fine shred of literary art. That is to say, the writer is able to produce magnificent prose that not only sounds beautiful when read but actually looks beautiful as well. Words on the page, that is what poetry does. Speaking of which. Poetry in motion, now there is an interesting thought. Artists in the traditional sense that you reading this understand them to be are, positively speaking, guilty of exhuming this motion.

It did not take the writer long to find an alliance where two worlds meet. It did not take him long to find a corner where written words and drawn art come together. Think of the written caption that needs to accompany the cartoon caricature. A topic was under discussion and the reader needed to know what was being said among the two humorous looking characters on the canvas. The cartoonist generally draws his impressions in ink. He uses a felt-tipped pen and applies his mind to a large canvass.

This canvass is later transposed via the printing works so that it can be reproduced in all kinds of mediums, including the internet. You can hire a caricature artist on the internet too. You can be the better judge of his fine and really funny works of art by having a look at his online portfolio. You could use the gifts of the caricature artist to reproduce a humorous impression of the family or people you know. You see this this happening all of the time. Both cartoonists and caricaturists continue to have a field day poking fun at the rich and famous.

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Not that they mind. Because they’re, you know, rich and famous.