Music 101

If you’ve never owned an instrument before, picking one to learn can be fun. There are many different types of instruments, each with their own unique sound and musical accompaniment. If you’re interested in orchestra instruments huntington wv offers lessons, new and used instruments, audio equipment, and any information you’re seeking on your quest to musical literacy. If you know absolutely nothing about instruments, here is a short summary guide to get you started on your journey.

Stringed Instruments

A stringed instrument is any instrument that uses strings to control vibration and sound. String instruments include violins, cellos, violas, bass guitars, and acoustic guitars. The cello, violin, viola, guitar, and bass can also be played as electric instruments. There are also other varieties of string instruments, and cultures have their own versions that have evolved with modern times, such as the Guzheng from China.

Wind Instruments

Wind instruments are instruments that require the use of air and mouth placement to create vibrations and sound when playing. When it comes to wind instruments there are two subcategories: brass and woodwind. Brass instruments include trumpets, trombones, tubas, French horns, euphoniums, flugelhorns, mellophones, and more. Woodwind instruments consist of flutes, piccolos, clarinets, saxophones, recorders, oboes, bassoons, and more.

Percussion Instruments

Percussion instruments don’t require strings or air, they require the musician to bring two objects together and create a sound. Most people know of the drums as a percussion instrument, but percussion also includes cymbals, tambourines, cowbells, jam blocks, maracas, jingle sticks, and the list continues on. There’s a percussion instrument that can fit any ability level, from babies to elders.

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Use this short list to decide which instrument you want to give a try, and don’t be afraid to go for it! If you like mellow sounds, a woodwind or stringed instrument may be good for you. If you like making a statement and enjoy being loud, try out the percussion instruments and see how you like them. There’s an instrument for everybody.